Colour, Texture & Details – Macro & Close-Up Creative Photography – Llandudno Photographic Academy Evening

Macro & Close-up Photography – With the emphasis on colour, texture, shape, form and details, this Llandudno Photographic Academy Evening will help you to unlock the hidden beauty of the world around you.  Specifically designed to delve into the fascinating realms of texture, colour, details, shape, and form of your subject, this immersive workshop will teach you how to capture the intricate textures and vibrant colours that are often overlooked in everyday objects. You’ll learn to highlight the subtle details and unique shapes that make each subject extraordinary, transforming ordinary scenes into captivating works of art. Through our hands-on, practical session, with expert guidance, and creative exploration, you’ll enhance your ability to see and photograph the world in stunning new ways. Join us and elevate your photography skills to new heights as you discover the mesmerising details of the macro world.

Flat-Lay & Creative Photography Photography – A WelshotRewards Day

Flat-lay is a popular genre of photography for those who like to be creative, post on various social media platforms or just want to spend some time making an creating imaginative, impactful images.  Knolling, a form of flat-lay but using specific props that link together (like kitchen cutlery, makeup or tools) to form an attractive, methodical, often symmetrical in some way, photograph.  At this Welshot Flat-lay photography day, held at the Welshot Creative Hub in Llandudno we will be spending the day learning the techniques, both compositionally and lighting to make and create images you can be proud to showcase.  Using a wide variety of props, from flowers to food, from kitchen utensils to stationery, from toys to tools – this day will have it all for you, your imagination and your camera.

Are you a budding baker / crafter /maker wanting to turn your hobby into a business – or maybe you are a content creator or blogger? Do you need stunning images for your Instagram grid or maybe you just want to improve your camera skills and develop the quality of your photography? Whatever your reason, this Welshot Flat-Lay Photography workshop at the Welshot Creative Hub in Llandudno, North Wales is for you.

Macro & Close-Up Floral Photography – A WelshotRewards Day. Macro photography (or close-up photography) is a photographic genre that some people struggle with but at our Full Day photographic event, based in the Welshot Creative Hub in Llandudno, Team Welshot will take you through step by step of everything you need to do to create some stunning macro photography images. At this event we will be working with a wide variety of flowers, using natural, ambient and artificial light, which will ensure you will still get a day of photography regardless of the weather outside.  There will be ample opportunity for one to one tuition as well as in a small group setting where you can collaborate with others.  With a whole day of photography ahead of you, there will be plenty of time to get creative, experiment and make some stunning images which you can be proud of.

Getting Creative with Photography in Conwy – Llandudno Photographic Academy Evening

Let’s get creative in Conwy!  Forget about the London A to Z, this Welshot Photography session, based in Conwy, is all about looking for those often missed photo opportunities.  A to Z style!  Embark on a visual journey through the charming streets of Conwy, North Wales, in our immersive creative photography workshop. Join us as we wander through this historic town, its medieval walls, and picturesque harbour, discovering hidden gems and iconic landmarks alike. Led by seasoned photographers, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to refine your skills while capturing the essence and character of Conwy.

From learning how to follow a commercial travel photography brief (think tourist brochure) to capturing images from our creative challenge this photography adventure will have you seeing. making and creating images using lead in lines, juxtapositions, reflections, a birds eye view and not to mention a snails point of view too.  You can also expect low-light and long exposures too as sunset will be 21:11  So, grab your camera, bring your favourite lens and come join the Welshot gang for a fun, creative and productive evening of photography in Conwy.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced shutterbug, our hands-on guidance and expert tips will help you unleash your creativity and elevate your photography to new heights. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Conwy’s architecture, landscapes, and people, and leave with a portfolio of stunning images that tell the story of your experience. Don’t miss this chance to explore, learn, and create unforgettable memories in one of Wales’ most enchanting towns.

When we started Welshot in 2009 we very quickly set some ground rules about what we would and wouldn’t do at our events. Our criteria for these rules were purely based on what we ourselves would like from a photography session day, event or workshop. After once being told, that we could now start shooting, … Read more

Shortest Night 2023 - A Photographic Adventure in North Wales - Llyn Pardarn in Llanberis, Snowdonia, North Wales with Dolbardarn Castle in distance.

Welshot Does… The Shortest Night 2023 – A Photographic Adventure in North Wales.  On this, our annual all night adventure we will be visiting the beautiful landscape of Anglesey and Snowdonia in North Wales, which is always a firm Welshot favourite and always has our delegates booking on the next years ‘Shortest Night’ adventure before breakfast (included) have been eaten at the end of the event. The not so short, night of photography, which is always held as close to the 21st June as possible starts by the side of Llyn Padarn (Llanberis Lake) deep in the heart of Snowdonia before moving on for a marathon photographic session visiting numerous locations. Sixteen hours (Yes, we can see the irony!) of photographic fun, friendship and getting creative with your camera will have you shooting everything from star trails to long exposures, from architecture to land and seascapes. Hunting for the magic blue bioluminescence will also be on the agenda.  

Grab your camera and join us on the Welshot Autumnal Nature Ramble – Photography at the RSPB Conwy Nature Reserve in North Wales, guaranteed to help ease out you of Summer and into Autumn while capturing the beauty from what can only be described as a stunning environment. The Conwy RSPB nature reserve is a wetland on the Conwy estuary, created from material dug out during the construction of the A55 road tunnel. It is now home to a variety of wildlife, and a great place for photographers and their cameras. there is always something to see and photograph, from landscape to macro, flora and fauna and, of course, birds. Your Welshot Masterclass will be learning how to work with light and shutter speeds to capture stunning compositions and movement.  

Anglesey Bridges at Night – Low-Light Photography –  the September Welshot Roving Photographic Academy Evening is guaranteed to have you using your camera in low-light conditions and learning how to shoot long exposures.  If architectural photography is your jam then this is the photographic workshop event for you.  From Telford’s Menai Bridge to Robert Stephensons Britannia Bridge, which both connect the Island of Anglesey to the mainland of North Wales, these photogenetic structures will both delight and reward the photographer. Starting from the Coed Cyrnol Car Park, we will be walking along the Belgium Promenade, stopping at Llandysilio Island (otherwise known as Church Island) to capture the Britannia Bridge in all her splendour, before heading towards, and underneath, the magnificent Telford’s Bridge.  As we walk up to, onto and over the Menai Bridge itself we will capture this historical structure from both sides and all angles in our cameras.  If time permits, we can then make our way, by car, to the local lookout layby near to the A55 (and Britannia Bridge) so you can capture both bridges in all their glory as you head home from a wonderful evening of low-light, long exposure and architectural photography. 

Creative Lighting Techniques at the Welshot Creative Hub - Description of a photo of a female model with a red tartan dress and a black leather biker jacket with her hands on a hip. The background is black and grey with a pattern projected onto the background

Creative Lighting Techniques at the Welshot Creative Hub in Llandudno, North Wales is a day specifically deigned to help you look at, and use, photographic lighting in more creative ways.  From studio mains flash lighting to off camera flash, from learning how to use gels, to projected shapes onto your background.  From using one light to using four lights, from learning how to use different types of reflectors, modifiers and off camera flash – this day will have it all for those who are interested in studio portrait photography.  This day is perfect for the beginner and more advanced photographer who would like to capture a specific look in their camera for their portfolio.

Lighting for Studio Portraiture- Colour Photograph of a Girl posing in the Welshot Photographic Academy Studio in Llandudno

This Lighting for studio portraiture using studio mains flash for is a practical, hands on Welshot Academy Evening for all photography enthusiasts wanting to learn how to creatively shoot portraits using flash studio lights. Learning about lighting, and how it works, is the single most important thing you can learn when it comes to your portrait photography. Rembrandt, butterfly, side and split lighting, using grids, getting creative, learning to see (and shoot) in black and white will help you to create, learn and inspire your photography. Your studio mains flash for his photography workshop will be taking place at The Bulkeley Hotel, Beaumaris, Anglesey.