Colour, Texture & Details – Macro & Close-Up Creative Photography – Llandudno Photographic Academy Evening

Macro & Close-up Photography – With the emphasis on colour, texture, shape, form and details, this Llandudno Photographic Academy Evening will help you to unlock the hidden beauty of the world around you.  Specifically designed to delve into the fascinating realms of texture, colour, details, shape, and form of your subject, this immersive workshop will teach you how to capture the intricate textures and vibrant colours that are often overlooked in everyday objects. You’ll learn to highlight the subtle details and unique shapes that make each subject extraordinary, transforming ordinary scenes into captivating works of art. Through our hands-on, practical session, with expert guidance, and creative exploration, you’ll enhance your ability to see and photograph the world in stunning new ways. Join us and elevate your photography skills to new heights as you discover the mesmerising details of the macro world.

Fashion Photography with Off Camera Flash – Chester. At this Welshot photographic workshop you will working outside on-location in Chester, where, you will be unlocking the secrets of capturing fashion photography in your camera using various off-camera flash techniques. Elevate your portfolio and skills as you learn to masterfully manipulate light to accentuate style, form, and emotion in your fashion compositions. Led by our Welshot team leaders, this immersive experience promises to demystify the complexities of off-camera flash, while empowering you to create striking imagery for your portfolio. On-location, in Chester, using the historic Rows and a wide variety of backdrops you will delve into the dynamic interplay of light and shadow, and discover how to sculpt scenes that tell compelling fashion narratives within your photos. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, book on now and join us and we will help you illuminate your path to photographic excellence!

Creative Table-Top Photography – Llandudno Photographic Academy Evening

Unlock your creative potential and delve into the captivating world of table-top photography at this months Welshot Photographic Academy Evening in Llandudno! Join us for an immersive experience where you’ll learn to transform everyday objects into stunning works of art through the lens of your camera. Our Team Leaders will guide you through the fundamentals of lighting, composition, and styling, showing you how to capture compelling images that tell stories and evoke emotions.

From Macro (Close-Up) to Flat-Lay and knolling.  From learning how to capture movement in water to working with oil, colours and textures – this photography session will keep you busy taking photographs all evening!

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer looking to expand your skill set or a beginner eager to explore the endless possibilities of photography, our May Academy Evening offers a supportive environment to experiment, learn, and grow. Don’t miss this opportunity to ignite your imagination and elevate your photography game to new heights!

Book your place now and embark on a journey of creativity and discovery and let Welshot help YOU to get the best from YOUR camera.

Female Model showing eyes only on an orange backdrop

t, guidance and a “Let’s try it and see what happens” attitude is always included at Welshot

When I’m (Lee) sitting at my desk and Eif is working in the Creative Hub with someone on a 1:1 or in a small group I always hear a certain conversation…

“Eif, I have an idea of an image I’d like to try and replicate/recreate – could you show me how please”

The answer is ALWAYS the same…

“Of course we can – this is your time to experiment, learn and play with your camera settings and lighting techniques”

Walking with Your Camera – A Guided Photo Walk with Helen Iles – Bodnant Gardens – North Wales

Our first Walking with Your Camera – A Guided Photo Walk with Helen Iles for 2023 and it’s a Welshot Mini Module with Masterclass – on this photographic event which takes place in the stunning Bodnant Gardens in North Wales we are going to help you get the best from your camera. In our Welshot masterclass you will learn the photographic technique of ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) and learn how to compose your images. Walking with your camera is about being in the great outdoors and capturing the surroundings in your camera. From long exposures to abstract water compositions to macro and close-up photography, capturing the flora and fauna, this day has it all for the photographer.

Oil Water and Cross Polarisation - Creative Photography
Sunrise to Sunset - Lighthouses, Piers & Bridges - A WelshotRewards Day

Sunrise to Sunset – Lighthouses, Piers & Bridges – A WelshotRewards Day event for Welshot Academy Members.  Starting at Penmon, we will capture the sun as it rises above the Great Orme which overlooks Llandudno, North Wales.  You will learn how to take long exposure, experimenting with using various shutter speed to slow the movement of water, which will give the sea that ‘Milky – Blurry’ look.  This photographic event is guaranteed to provide the photographer with a wide range of subjects and genres.  From seascape to landscape photography, from architectural to nature and wildlife – this is a day for those who like to amble around with their camera. 

Coloured Photo of a Man sitting outside a cafe

Street & Documentary Photography – Chester Photographic Academy Evening

Probably one of the most scariest, yet satisfying photographic genres, street, documentary and reportage photography is, we think, one of the most rewarding.  Recording life as we see it now, through our cameras, will, in years to come, become an important study of social history. At this Welshot Photographic Academy Evening you will learn how to use your camera to record the street scenes of Chester.  Learning how the art of street, documentary and reportage photography will give you, the photographer, a wide variety of transferable skills that will become invaluable in many ways for your photography.  We guarantee that you will leave with not only images you can be proud to showcase in your portfolio but will more confidence than ever in using your camera in all manner of situations and environments. 

Dresses, Docs & Portrait Photography – Llandudno Photographic Academy Evening

Perfect your portrait photography at this on location shoot at the Welshot Photographic Academy Evening.  Our Models, wearing Dresses and Docs, and using the beautiful Llandudno Bay in North Wales as their backdrop, will be working hard to help you capture some stunning portraiture, using both off camera flash and natural, ambient lighting. We guarantee fun, frolics and frivolity as they pose for the camera, before and after the sun sets on the horizon, then, we’ve got a chance to do some low-light portraiture too!  Think portraits and piers, swishy dresses, stomping boots and biker jackets.  From posed portraits to those candid shots – this portrait photography session will help you learn a thing or three about lighting, hone your already gained skills or just help you to enhance your photographic portfolio. Whatever your reason for attending, we know you will have a lot of fun with like-minded photographers in a safe, non-competitive and fun environment.  We even provide you with a light buffet supper.

Macro & Close-Up Floral Photography. Macro photography (or close-up photography) is a photographic genre that some people struggle with but at our Full Day photographic event, based in the Welshot Creative Hub in Llandudno, Team Welshot will take you through step by step of everything you need to do to create some stunning macro photography images. At this event we will be working with a wide variety of flowers, using natural, ambient and artificial light, which will ensure you will still get a day of photography regardless of the weather outside.  There will be ample opportunity for one to one tuition as well as in a small group setting (this event is limited to just 4 people) where you can collaborate with other delegates.  With a whole day of photography ahead of you, there will be plenty of time to get creative, experiment and make some stunning images which you can be proud of.