Getting Creative with Photography in Conwy – Llandudno Photographic Academy Evening

Let’s get creative in Conwy!  Forget about the London A to Z, this Welshot Photography session, based in Conwy, is all about looking for those often missed photo opportunities.  A to Z style!  Embark on a visual journey through the charming streets of Conwy, North Wales, in our immersive creative photography workshop. Join us as we wander through this historic town, its medieval walls, and picturesque harbour, discovering hidden gems and iconic landmarks alike. Led by seasoned photographers, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to refine your skills while capturing the essence and character of Conwy.

From learning how to follow a commercial travel photography brief (think tourist brochure) to capturing images from our creative challenge this photography adventure will have you seeing. making and creating images using lead in lines, juxtapositions, reflections, a birds eye view and not to mention a snails point of view too.  You can also expect low-light and long exposures too as sunset will be 21:11  So, grab your camera, bring your favourite lens and come join the Welshot gang for a fun, creative and productive evening of photography in Conwy.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced shutterbug, our hands-on guidance and expert tips will help you unleash your creativity and elevate your photography to new heights. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Conwy’s architecture, landscapes, and people, and leave with a portfolio of stunning images that tell the story of your experience. Don’t miss this chance to explore, learn, and create unforgettable memories in one of Wales’ most enchanting towns.

Low Viewpoint taken from the Llandudno Beach front looking towards the pier with dark and brooding sky

Seascapes, Sunsets & Long Exposure Photography – Llandudno Photographic Academy Evening

Embark on an unforgettable journey into the captivating world of seascape, sunset, and long exposure photography at our Welshot Photographic Academy Evening in Llandudno, North.  Our photography session will start on the LLandudno prom, just a short stroll from the Welshot Creative Hub where we will capture a variety of images, before making our way for sunset at West Shore when you will dive into the artistry of capturing stunning seascapes, and as the sun dips below the horizon of the Llandudno West Shore, overlooked by Conwy Mountain, you will paint the sky with a breathtaking palette of colours.

Learn the secrets of long exposure techniques, transforming crashing waves into silky-smooth textures and ethereal clouds into wispy dreams. Our Welshot Team Leaders will guide you through every step, from mastering camera settings to composing the perfect shot. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting your journey, join us for an immersive experience where creativity meets the natural beauty of the coast.

Elevate your photography skills and create timeless masterpieces against the backdrop of the mesmerising North Wales seascapes at sunset.  You might even spot the famous Llandudno Goats!

Spring in Cwmorthin – Walking With Your Camera – A Guided Photo Walk with Helen Iles

Grab your camera, pull on your walking boots, we’re off on a photographic adventure deep in the heart of Snowdonia, North Wales. Photography and a nature ramble – What could be better for those who love nothing more than being outside with their cameras? On this Cwmorthin – Walking With Your Camera – A Guided Photo Walk with Helen Iles we will be walking from Tanygrisiau up to Cwmorthin, which is where you will find the abandoned slate mines of Rhosydd Quarry.  This is a beautiful walk for a photographer, the scenery is nothing short of stunning and the abandoned quarry ruins and houses are hauntingly striking.  From a distance, the mountains are breath-taking in their quiet beauty, but dig a little deeper and there is a treasure trove of secrets for you and your camera.  A glimpse of a noisy and destructive industrial era long left behind and an eerie peek into the hard life of a quarry miner in the mid nineteenth century.  From landscape, to macro, from capturing the movement of waterfalls to creating abstract images – this day out, walking with your camera will not disappoint.

Seascapes & Sunsets in Llandudno - Roving Photographic Academy Evening

Piers & Promenades in Llandudno – A WelshotRewards Day

Piers and Promenades, this photographic adventure will have it all, from architecture to artistic angles, from North Shore to West Shore, this WelshotRewards Day for Members is the perfect day for those who like to be out and about with their camera capturing the beauty of the world around them.  Llandudno, Queen of the Resorts has it all for the photographer – historic piers, photogenic promenades lined on one side with a wide open expanse of the Llandudno North Shore, to the Victorian listed buildings that will provide you with the features of the colourful architecture. After photographing the pier and bay, we will then move to West Shore and there you will find rock pools and sandy beaches with a backdrop of the Welsh hills and Anglesey in distance – from which the sun will set behind, hopefully giving us a wonderful golden hour, a colourful sunset and magnificent light in what photographers call the blue hour.  If you want to set yourself a bit of a photographic challenge – we’ve got just the one for you!

Still-Life Image by Helen Haden Photography

Still-Life in Miniature – Close-Up Photography

Do you love still-life photography?  No room for the big studio set-ups or space to house those larger props? Then this event is going to be perfect for you!  The idea for this Welshot, Still-Life in Miniature event was born from a visit of some friends to Anglesey in North Wales – the weather was too bad for any of the nature photography they’d hoped for but they’d packed their car with all manner of props, backdrops, fabric and flowers – all of the miniature (think Dolls House) size. Once you’ve picked your props, it’s time to learn how to style and compose your photo – from using natural light to continuous photographic lighting this is the perfect indoors table top photographic project.

Still-Life & Floral Photography – Welshot Creative Hub

Floral Photography – flowers of every size, shape and colour, mixed with props galore, backdrops and backgrounds by the dozen, a chance to style and shoot to your hearts content with all the help, support, guidance and photographic tuition you need and you’ve got yourself a still-life and floral photography adventure for you and you camera. This is your chance to get creative with your camera, learn about lighting, styling, composition and how to make your images from the ground up. This Welshot photography workshop will have the creative juices flowing and have you creating and making stunning images for your portfolio.

Are you a budding florist wanting to turn your hobby into a profession – or maybe you are a content creator, blogger? Do you want stunning images for your Instagram grid or maybe you just want to improve your camera skills and develop the quality of your floral photography images. Whatever your reason, this Welshot floral photography and still-life workshop at the Welshot Creative Hub in Llandudno, North Wales is for you.

Rivers & Waterfalls – Capturing Movement in Water – Mini Module with Masterclass

Nothing beats walking along a river bank with your camera in Autumn!  Join us in Betws Y Coed for an autumnal photography walk – from macro (and close-up) to mountain lakes and forests of colour, this Welshot Mini Module with Masterclass will have it all for the outdoor photographer.  This will be an easy, relaxed and fun stroll with lots of stops to concentrate on capturing the movement of the flowing River Conwy.  After we’ve captured the trees in all their golden glory, practised long exposures and shot all manner of details that can be found in rock formations we will head up to Plas Y Brenin – National Outdoor Centre to capture the sun going down behind Yr Wyddfa (Mount Snowdon) from Llynnau Mymbyr.


Creative Seascape Photography with Helen Iles – Penmon Lighthouse – Mini Module with Masterclass

At this Welshot Mini Module with Masterclass it is all about getting creative with our cameras.  During this creative seascape photography with Helen Iles and Team Welshot you will be shown how looking through the lens in a different way will have have you making a wide range of wonderful photos.  From using a lens balls, to learning about macro and close-up photography, the only limit at this photographic workshop will be your imagination. The masterclass session will have you making long exposures – capturing the landscape and seascapes around you.  From the ‘Golden and Blue’ hours this Welshot photographic event at Penmon, on the Isle of Anglesey will keep you and your camera busy, taking stunning images from before sunset to after the sun has gone down. 

Ever wanted to learn how to make long exposures to capture the sea as it laps the shore and lighthouse as well as clouds and dramatic landscape in low light conditions? 

Then this is the event for you. However you choose to use your camera during this event, there will be plenty to photograph and keep you busy on this Welshot Mini Module.