The key to successful coloured gel photography is experimentation and at this Welshot Photographic Academy Evening in Llandudno you will have the time to test different combinations, understand the impact of each gel, and refine your technique to achieve the desired results.  With the help, support and guidance of our team of expert lighting technicians and photographers you will be shown how understanding the colour temperature of your light source is crucial when using gels. Different gels have specific colour temperatures, and combining them with the existing lighting conditions can produce unique effects.

Tonight at the Welshot portfolio building session we are excited to have Emma Starmore-Smith joining us at the Creative Hub in Llandudno.  During this session, Emma, who loves a bit of “Big Dress Glam” when it comes to fashion, will be sporting a number of different looks with at least three costume/outfit changes.  You will be using studio mains, and off camera flash lighting techniques in the studio itself as well as using the buildings features to capture your portrait photos for your portfolio.  If the weather is suitable we may also go outdoors to make some funky, grungy and dynamic images.

How to Work With A Model – Everything You Need to Know – From the planning, to the shooting, to making perfect photos.

Whether you are a photographer wanting to undertake a photo-shoot with a professional model or a photographer wanting to capture a family portrait, the challenges in photographing your model(s) can vary based on the specific circumstances of the shoot and the dynamics between you and your model(s). Overcoming these challenges requires a combination of technical proficiency, interpersonal skills, and creative vision.

Winter Fashion Portrait Photography – Off Camera Flash – Chester Photographic Academy Evening

Off Camera Flash lighting, portrait photography and working with models in and around the Chester Crowne Plaza.  That’s what our February Academy Evening is Chester is all about.  Our Models will be dressed in the latest of winter fashion and this is the perfect photography session for you to learn how to use your camera with off camera flash while making and creating some stunning portraits that you can be proud of.  Working outside (but undercover) on location as well as using some of the many features of the hotel – you will be able to make and create some stunning portraiture with a wide variety of backdrops.  Learn to throw your background out of focus, create bokeh and pose your models – we promise you, it won’t just be off camera flash you are learning, honing your skills or developing your portfolio.  We can also promise you that you will go home with images you can be proud of.

Image of a young lady wearing a white shirt and pink and white check 1960's trousers - with a dark blue background - taken on a Friday Night is Studio Night Portfolio Building Session with the Welshot Photographic Academy in Llandudno, North Wales

Tonight at the Welshot portfolio building session it is all about the props, from clothes to furniture, from backgrounds to accessories.  Our model will be sporting a number of different looks with at least two costume/outfit changes.  You will be learning how to positron your furniture, props, accessories and lighting to compliment your model and give you the best possible composition for your photograph.  You will be using studio mains, and off camera flash lighting techniques in the studio itself as well as using the buildings features to capture your portrait photos for your portfolio.

Creative Floral Photography – Llandudno Academy Evening

Floral Photography – flowers of every size, shape and colour, mixed with props galore, backdrops and backgrounds by the dozen, a chance to style and shoot to your hearts content with all the help, support, guidance and photographic tuition you need and you’ve got yourself a still-life and floral photography adventure for you and you camera. This is your chance to get creative with your camera, learn about lighting, styling, composition and how to make your images from the ground up. This Welshot Llandudno Photographic Academy Evening will have the creative juices flowing and have you creating and making stunning images for your portfolio.

Are you a budding florist wanting to turn your hobby into a profession – or maybe you are a content creator, blogger? Do you want stunning images for your Instagram grid or maybe you just want to improve your camera skills and develop the quality of your floral photography images. Whatever your reason, this Creative Floral Photography Academy Evening at the Welshot Creative Hub in Llandudno, North Wales is for you.

Dresses, Docs & Portrait Photography – Llandudno Photographic Academy Evening

Perfect your portrait photography at this on location shoot at the Welshot Photographic Academy Evening.  Our Models, wearing Dresses and Docs, and using the beautiful Llandudno Bay in North Wales as their backdrop, will be working hard to help you capture some stunning portraiture, using both off camera flash and natural, ambient lighting. We guarantee fun, frolics and frivolity as they pose for the camera, before and after the sun sets on the horizon, then, we’ve got a chance to do some low-light portraiture too!  Think portraits and piers, swishy dresses, stomping boots and biker jackets.  From posed portraits to those candid shots – this portrait photography session will help you learn a thing or three about lighting, hone your already gained skills or just help you to enhance your photographic portfolio. Whatever your reason for attending, we know you will have a lot of fun with like-minded photographers in a safe, non-competitive and fun environment.  We even provide you with a light buffet supper.

Dangerous Liaisons - Mrs Lovett by Gill McGowan

Dangerous Liaisons – Scandal, Intrigue, Mystery and Beauty – all of which surround the Women who will be portrayed by our Models in this Welshot Themed Photo-Shoot.  Covering eras from the mid 18th century to the 1950’s – this Welshot inspired themed photo-shoot will portray at least four historical/fictitious, often infamous, Women – two of which can be seen here. Mrs Lovett from Sweeny Todd and Marie Antoinette.

At this Welshot event, with at least four Models (Male and Female) we will be using costumes from different historical periods – Most of the costumes will be bespoke to Welshot, having been made, or adapted, by our Team Creative.

As well as our bespoke costumes, we will have at least four different, specifically printed backdrops, that are unique to Welshot – all with an array of props for you to use throughout the day, ensuring you will leave this event with images to be proud of.

Lighting Techniques for Portrait Photography – Day two and it is all about Off Camera Flash Flash at the Welshot Photographic Lighting Academy Weekend.  Day two will cover everything you need to know about Off Camera Flash, how it works with your camera and how you can take, make and create great portraiture photography inside and outside on location.  From learning how to set up your lighting equipment from the ground up in the Welshot Creative Hub, you will be shown how to use one light, then two lights.  You will be working inside and out on location around Llandudno, and Team Welshot will help you to get all the images you want for your portfolio.  You will be shown how to work with props, modifiers and gels to give you a wide range of looks and our experienced Welshot models will put you at ease immediately.  If you need any help (with posing or working with models) they will be only too pleased to give you all the help, guidance and suggestions you want.  Our Models will be wearing a variety of outfits/costumes and we will be using a wide range of backdrops and sets (inside and outside). If you have ever wanted to learn, perfect or hone your Off Camera Flash for photography skills then this is the day for you.