Terms and Conditions

How we work with you

  1. We are Welshot Imaging Ltd, our registered office is Brynford House, 21 Brynford Street, Holywell, CH8 7RD and our postal address 16 Trinity Square, Llandudno LL30 2RB (Welshot). You are a member of our community, whether you have chosen one of our memberships, booked an in-person or virtual event, joined a photographic adventure, or paid for any of our online training packages (our Services). 
  2. We will act professionally during your membership and expect you to do the same. We will provide our Services with reasonable skill and care. We provide you with enjoyable and fun learning experiences in a controlled and safe environment that is respectful to others and its surroundings. Our community is built on these principles; please read these terms and our Welshot Community Rules so you understand what you can and cannot do.
  3. Except for photographic travel adventures and digital content, you have a right to cancel any Services within 14 days after booking, provided you tell us within those 14 days. For digital content, your right to cancel ends when you download or access that content. If we have provided any Services during this period, we will charge you a reasonable fee for them. You must clearly let us know if you wish to cancel for example by using the contract form on our website: https://welshotimaging.co.uk/contact/ 
  4. The best way to contact us is by emailing lee@welshotimaging.co.uk, using the contact page of our website https://welshotimaging.co.uk/contact/ or by telephone 01248 719126.
  5. Because we build you into our community from day 1, you cannot transfer any of our Services to another person and (except as set out in paragraph 27) we cannot offer a refund for any Service, even if you cannot attend on a specific date.  If you pay a deposit, that is not refundable except under your right to cancel (see paragraph 3), or if we have to cancel an event for circumstances beyond our reasonable control (see paragraph 26).
  6. Please read your booking carefully to work out what we are providing and what you are responsible for. Your booking for a Service is complete when you have paid the relevant deposit or full payment (which we will confirm in the booking).
  7. Where necessary to provide the Services, eg photographic models, we will use specialist professionals. 
  8. We may need to make changes to our Services for a variety of reasons and will keep you informed – any change or any replacement Service will be at least as good at meeting your needs.
  9. You will own copyright in any photographs that you take. If you do upload them to any platform, please check the terms of that platform to understand how they can licence or use your photographs.
  10. Our virtual Services are provided through a variety of platforms. You should read, understand, and follow the terms of each platform. 
  11. If you have any problems or concerns relating to our Services, we need to know immediately so please contact us (see paragraph 4) before making any public comment. We want to be given a chance to resolve any issues and help you get the most out of our Services.
  12. We will both treat information shared in our community as confidential. We will process, store and handle your data lawfully, fairly and transparently and only for the purposes of the Services. Please see our privacy policy https://welshotimaging.co.uk/cookie-policy/ for more information and let us know (see paragraph 4) if your information changes. 
  13. These terms may be updated to reflect our business, the needs of our community and current laws. We will let you know when they change.
  14. To the extent permitted by law, our liability for breach of contract relating to your Services is limited to the last 12 months’ fees paid. We are not liable to you for loss of profit, indirect or consequential loss, for events beyond our reasonable control, or for data or security issues. We all hold relevant insurances for our Services (see paragraph 31 for your responsibility to insure on photographic adventures).
  15. The laws of England and Wales apply to these terms and our Services. If there is a dispute we will try and resolve it amicably. If not, the courts of England and Wales can hear a dispute and enforce any order or award.

Terms which only apply to our member packages

  1. We may accept or reject membership at our discretion.
  2. Your membership package sets out the Services we will provide – please see https://welshotimaging.co.uk/academy-membership/ and https://welshotimaging.co.uk/welshot-online/ for details – and depends on you paying your membership fees as agreed. These Services may vary from time to time.
  3. Your membership does not include these Services which you can buy separately: [list].
  4. Your minimum membership period is 12 months, whether paid monthly or annually. If you owe us any fees, we may suspend or withdraw your access to Services.
  5. You must use any benefits, vouchers or coupons within each 12-month membership period – we will remind you a few weeks before your renewal date. You cannot transfer them, and they have no cash value.
  6. Your membership is not automatically renewed. We will always ask if you want to stay in our community and send you any updated terms or prices. We may increase membership fees annually.

Terms which only apply to our in-person and virtual photographic events

  1. Events cover academy evenings, workshops, mini-modules, masterclasses, one-to-one coaching or full-day events. We will use our experience to manage the numbers attending to ensure you get the full benefit of our expertise.
  2. Your booking will confirm whether we are providing refreshments at the event – generally you have to provide your own for all virtual and most in-person events. Please let us know immediately whether you have any dietary or access requirements and we will do our best to ensure the third party venue operator meets those needs.
  3. You may transfer your event booking provided you tell Lee (see paragraph 4) at least 30 days before the event. Transfers must be redeemed within 3 months of the original event, once only and on a like-for-like basis (eg for an event of the same type – see list in paragraph 22).
  4. We restrict the number of members using benefits, vouchers or coupons at any single event – please check our website for availability to avoid disappointment. We’re sorry that we cannot fit everyone in! 
  5. We may have to postpone or cancel an event for circumstances beyond our reasonable control. If we do, you will be asked if you would like to: keep your money on account for future events, transfer your booking to a like-for-like event, or have us refund your deposit.

Terms which only apply to our virtual training courses or packages

  1. Our digital content will be of satisfactory quality and fit for the purposes we describe. If it doesn’t meet these standards, we will replace the content and if it still doesn’t meet those standards, we will offer you a refund.
  2. We own all rights (including copyright) in our logo and all the related resources however you access them or through whatever platform we make them available. 
  3. You can view, print, download, save, and store pages, pdf documents and pdf files from any virtual training course or package for your own use. You must not convert documents, share them with others, screenshot or record content or attempt to get around any platform restrictions. You must not share your login details with any other person.
  4. We may remove you from any platform or revoke your access to any virtual training course or package if you break our Community Rules, these terms, or the platform rules.

Terms which only apply to our photographic travel adventures

  1. You must arrange your own travel, transfers, accommodation, and catering either through Welshot’s recommended travel partner or independently. Please check the schedule carefully so you don’t miss out on any part of our adventures. You should also arrange suitable insurance for you and your belongings (especially your camera equipment).
  2. We organise our adventures through reputable travel companies and will do our best to stick to the advertised cost and schedule. However, we are not responsible for events beyond our reasonable control – whether that is volcanoes disrupting travel, travel restrictions due to global pandemics or cancellations by travel companies. 
  3. You cannot use benefits, vouchers or coupons against any Discover Experience Photograph Adventure. Your deposit must be paid with your booking and the balance paid in full at least fourteen weeks prior to the date of departure. If you cannot pay, you will not be able to come with us and will not get your deposit back. 
  4. Our Services will start on your safe arrival at your booked accommodation and end when you leave that accommodation.