Shooting with Gels using Mains Studio & Off Camera Flash – Chester Photographic Academy Evening

The key to successful coloured gel photography is experimentation and at this Welshot Photographic Academy Evening in Chester you will have the time to test different combinations, understand the impact of each gel, and refine your technique to achieve the desired results.  With the help, support and guidance of our team of expert lighting technicians and photographers you will be shown how understanding the colour temperature of your light source is crucial when using gels. Different gels have specific colour temperatures, and combining them with the existing lighting conditions can produce unique effects.  With our patient and experienced models you will have the time to learn how the placement of your gel in front of the light source determines the way the coloured light falls on your subject. This photography session will be studio based as well as on location in and around the hotel using off camera flash.

Fashion Photography – 1960’s Themed Photo-Shoot – Mains Studio & Off Camera Flash

1960’s Fashion – is there anything more iconic? At this fashion (1960’s) photography event based at the Chester Crowne Plaza we will be using mains studio flash as well as off camera flash lighting to help you make images that you can be proud of.  Your models will be wearing the flamboyant clothing that this era was known for – from bright, bold prints and make-up to high heeled boots and beehive hairstyles! Shooting in a studio environment as well as using the hotel as your backdrop you will be working in small groups with one to one shooting time with your models.  Backdrops, props and a wide range of clothing will all be supplied by Welshot.  All you have to do is charge your batteries, grab your camera and come make some great photos.