Finally... Three Years To The Day!

20th March 2020 – We shut the Welshot Office doors and we went home! We had been full of hope a week before – despite postponing all our events for the next 6 weeks, it was now looking likely it was to be much longer. Much, much longer. We’d only just paid the final balance for our return trip to Venice – it was to be our third Discover – Experience – Photograph adventure to this wonderful, colourful, vibrant and photogenic City. Then, Italy, along with the rest of the World, shut their doors!

Mathematics - My Camera and Me!

Mathematics – My Camera and Me!

It’s International Mathematics Day Today and it’s got me to thinking how maths once stopped me from doing stuff. Especially when it came to learning my camera and building a business.

How to Choose a New Camera - Three Key Things You Need to Ask Yourself

How to Choose a New Camera – Three Key Things You Need to Ask Yourself – We see it happening all the time – People buying a brand-new camera without doing the proper research needed to buy the right camera for them!  And then realising it’s a bit too complex so a £5K PLUS camera just stays in the box at the bottom of a cupboard.

Photographic Themed Photo-Shoot - Mad Hatters and Alice in Wonderland. Photo is of two female models as the Queen of Hearts and King of Hearts and the Male Model is the Knave of Hearts

The full day themed photo-shoot event, Mad Hatters was a long time coming. It was well worth the wait however when Models, the Cambria Costume House and Team Welshot all came together at the Chester Crowne Plaza on Sunday 14th August to bring eighteen passionate photographers a great day of photography. From beginning to end the models danced, posed and portrayed the Lewis Carroll characters in six full studio set-ups, complete with bespoke backdrops and props which included a full-size dolls house, pink flamingos, knitted cupcakes, and a large assortment of teapots, cups and saucers.

Photo of a group of photographers using tripods doing low-light photography at a Welshot Photographic Workshop

Ever wondered how to choose a photographic workshop that’s right for you? Just do a quick Google search and you will soon realise that there are a lot of photographic workshops, courses and events to choose from – and it can be a minefield. At Welshot, we’ve a few hints and top tips to help you, which we think are important considerations. We also think, although important, cost should not be at the top of the list – It is about value for money, the help, support and guidance you will be given.

Getting The Most From Your Camera

The Photographer’s Pocket Book by Michael Freeman is, in our opinion, one of the best photographic books you could ever purchase. It is also, as Michael describes on the back cover, the perfect size to fit into your camera bag and will help you operate your camera with speed, confidence and accuracy. And we are giving you the chance to WIN A COPY – Just for signing up to our mailing / email list..

I Want To Learn How To Use My Camera - Photo of a person holding a camera, looking at the back of it while it sits on an open laptop with a phone next to it.

“I want to learn how to use my camera… Properly” is a statement we hear from people time and time again. How do I learn my camera? Is another – Our reply at Welshot is always the same. Practice, practice, practice, practice some more and practice again. According to Malcolm Gladwell’s blockbuster book ‘Outliers’ it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at anything. That’s about 10 years of intensive practice to achieve mastery of any subject and here at Welshot we know, without a doubt, the people who get the best from their camera(s) are the ones that put the most time and effort into learning the art of photography.

Make 2022 YOUR Year for Photography

How long have you been looking at your camera and saying to yourself, I wish I could learn my camera and use it to its full potential – Well, why not make 2022 YOUR Year for Photography? As the saying goes… “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The Second best time is now” meaning, the best time to act is now if you want to learn how to use your camera properly.

Thank YOU - A Christmas Message from the Welshot Photographic Academy

Thank YOU – A Christmas Message from the Welshot Photographic Academy A Christmas Message from the Welshot Photographic Academy – Well, it is that time again when thoughts are turning to all things festive and Christmassy and we’d just like to say a HUGE Thank YOU in our video that we’ve made specifically for you. At … Read more

From Sunrise to Sunset on Anglesey - Landscape photo with a huge blue sky and overlooking the lighthouse on Llanddwyn Island on Anglesey

From Sunrise to Sunset on Anglesey – The Three Lighthouses Challenge is an Annual WelshotRewards Day for Members of the Welshot Photographic Academy.