Build Your Photography Portfolio with Welshot Progressive

Are you serious about your photography? Build your photography portfolio with our dedicated photography events and facilitated learning.

  • Dedicate time and energy toward professional development.
  • Build a portfolio or a serious body of work.
  • Shoot in small groups or on a 1:1 basis.
  • Unique and wide range of shooting environments concentrating specifically on portraiture.
  • Work with full-time professional models.
  • Take your photography to the next level!

Welshot Progressive events offer you the chance to move your photography on by providing you with professional models, a wealth of props to suit any genre, equipment you may not have access to at home and the freedom to explore creatively with your camera. Best of all, there is expert advice right there for you – but only when you need it: just like that safety net.

Welshot Progressive isn’t about telling you what to do: it’s your opportunity to experiment and create, to find out what might happen if you used different lighting or asked the model to pose in a particular way. Eifion and the rest of the team won’t be teaching or lecturing you – they will be facilitating you, just like a safety net allows the tightrope walker to practise their art creatively in a safe setting. Learn more about our Facilitated Learning approach.

At Welshot it is not about what camera you have, or how ‘experienced’ you are, it is simply about being with like-minded people, that enjoy photography and want to develop in a non-competitive environment.

I have been a Welshot delegate for over six years and initially joined to learn about working in a studio. Up to this point my only attempt at flash photography was a poor attempt with the flash on the camera. What attracted me to Welshot was the friendly environment, that was all about supported learning.

Welshot Progressive is a natural extension of what Welshot has been offering for over 15 years, a safe space to develop. The benefit of Welshot Progressive is that it is about moving beyond the pressing of a button, you can experiment with different lighting and themes working with professional full-time models.

It puts you in control but with the support there when and if you need it.”


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