Preparation for Shooting with a Model – A Model’s Perspective In our fourth video from the Welshot Does… “A Model’s Perspective” series of videos Rachel explains how with a bit of planning and preparation, you can make the most of your photoshoot with a Model.

A Model's Perspective - Perfecting Your Dance Photography

A Model’s Perspective – Perfecting Your Dance Photography In our second video from the “A Model’s Perspective” series of Welshot Does… videos Rachel helps you, the photographer get the best from your photoshoot with a professional dancer.

A DSLR or CSC camera will give you much more control over how your finished images will look. Some high-end compacts will also offer some control, but a DSLR or CSC will give you a far greater creative control. Bear this in mind when buying a camera – think about your future needs. Modes are … Read more

If there is something Welshot does well it is variety, and the two days just spent in aforementioned dark room couldn’t have been more different. I am an amateur with no impetus to go professional but if the opportunity arose to make a few coins to cover my GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) then I wouldn’t say no. So the chance to spend a day with one of the few names I know in the photography world was too good to miss.

The Welshot Photographic Academy event on ‘How to Get Published’ left me excited and inspired to consider how I might use the growing catalogue of photographs filling my computer’s hard drive.

At the start of this Welshot event, we were asked what we wanted to get out of it. This started the cogs in my brain whirring as I thought about where I’d like to take my photography, and how I might make some money out of my images. I told the group how I’ve considered making cards and calendars of the local area to sell in my local shops, and that I’d like to improve my travel blog and make some money out of that.

A great benefit of Welshot membership is that you get a 1-2-1 with Eifion where he can discuss your levels of understanding of photographic technique and spend time with you exploring what your camera (and lens combination) can do. Although I’m reasonably proficient in photography (said he immodestly!) and I know my camera well, it would be ignorant of me to claim to know everything. With that in mind, I booked my day with ‘Boss Tog’ and we set about strolling towards Llandudno Pier…

The Welshot ‘Trash the Dress’ event on Saturday was somewhat different from most Welshot events.  Firstly, it was an event where some new techniques were being tried out including paint, smoke and paint powder – and it wasn’t certain how different things would work.  Secondly, because we were using paint, smoke and paint powder it was necessary for everyone to take photographs at the same time – which meant that the models couldn’t concentrate on a single person doing the shooting.  Thirdly, several Welshot team leaders were taking part and shooting alongside others for the event rather than checking that everyone was using sensible settings and getting the shots that they wanted.

After 6 months membership of Welshot I decided it was time to arrange my 1:1 session with Eifion.  I have recently changed my camera and have had a couple of months getting to know some of its features but have still lots to learn and find most instruction manuals difficult to digest and put into practice.