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Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing?

It’s not that long ago that acquiring information meant a trip to the library or a bookshop but now we can go online and find all sorts of information in seconds. We can join online courses or watch free YouTube videos showing us how to do pretty much anything.

Perhaps that’s how you’ve approached your photography. Maybe you’ve created an area at home for you to practise your photography, using the props and lighting you have to hand to try out different techniques. You’ve downloaded software and watched webinars about how to get the best out of your camera. You might have joined a club and attended a couple of talks.

But now you want more – so what’s next?

Facilitated Learning with Welshot Progressive

I watched a film once about someone learning to walk a tightrope. They started off standing on the ground, working on balancing on one leg or walking along a chalk line without looking down. Next, they moved onto walking along a wire just 15cm above the ground, holding a horizontal bar in their hands, its ends attached to vertical poles on wheels, so it moved along the ground as the walker progressed along the wire. As time went on, they progressed to a wire several metres above the ground, looking straight ahead, sometimes standing on one leg, sometimes carrying a balance pole or perhaps a different prop, and just once, they were juggling.

And underneath the tightrope walker was a safety net.

‘What’s all this got to do with my photography?’ you might wonder.

Welshot Progressive offers you the chance to move your photography on by providing you with professional models, a wealth of props to suit any genre, equipment you may not have access to at home and the freedom to explore creatively with your camera. Best of all, there is expert advice right there for you – but only when you need it: just like that safety net. 

Michelle Rogers of Thinking Space Coaching.

Welshot Progressive isn’t about telling you what to do: it’s your opportunity to experiment and create, to find out what might happen if you used different lighting or asked the model to pose in a particular way. Eifion and the rest of the team won’t be teaching or lecturing you – they will be facilitating you, just like a safety net allows the tightrope walker to practise their art creatively in a safe setting.

This blog was written by Michelle Rogers of Thinking Space Coaching in response to a question Lee asked in one of her monthly sessions with Michelle… We believe in a whole gamut of continued professional development here at Welshot and Lee is no exception 😉

  1. Victoria Smith avatar
    Victoria Smith

    So true! This really comes up Welshot.. from the “Classic” version that is about the basics to Progressive where you are in charge but with the support of knowledgeble Team Leaders, Eif and Lee making sure everything is in place and your ideas are made real.

    1. Lee Iggulden avatar

      Hey Victoria

      Thank you for your comment – We are very excited about these new developments at Welshot. It is going to be fantastic to see photographers getting creative, making some wonderful images and putting their own ideas/spin on the photography session day.

      Lee & Eifion

  2. […] Lee Iggulden, Creative Director at Welshot. I recently wrote a post for Welshot’s blog – Facilitated Learning with Welshot Progressive – and in her latest session, I suggested to Lee that she might like to return the favour. […]

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