Fashion Photography with Off Camera Flash – Chester. At this Welshot photographic workshop you will working outside on-location in Chester, where, you will be unlocking the secrets of capturing fashion photography in your camera using various off-camera flash techniques. Elevate your portfolio and skills as you learn to masterfully manipulate light to accentuate style, form, and emotion in your fashion compositions. Led by our Welshot team leaders, this immersive experience promises to demystify the complexities of off-camera flash, while empowering you to create striking imagery for your portfolio. On-location, in Chester, using the historic Rows and a wide variety of backdrops you will delve into the dynamic interplay of light and shadow, and discover how to sculpt scenes that tell compelling fashion narratives within your photos. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, book on now and join us and we will help you illuminate your path to photographic excellence!

Delegate Showcase – Wendy Monaghan and Building a Portfolio. Each month we showcase a delegate who has attended our Welshot events and for February 2024 it’s the turn of Wendy Monaghan. Wendy has been taking photos her whole life, much to the dismay of her family and friends. Wendy mainly used point and shoot cameras and took her rolls of film into the local Max Spielman, or sent the roll off to be developed (remember the Kodak envelopes you could pick up to send your film off, should you get a second set of prints or not…) where you also had negatives delivered with your images.  Wendy remembers picking the pictures she wanted duplicates of, going through the negatives and either sending them off again or taking them to the local shop.

Tonight at the Welshot portfolio building session we are excited to have Emma Starmore-Smith joining us at the Creative Hub in Llandudno.  During this session, Emma, who loves a bit of “Big Dress Glam” when it comes to fashion, will be sporting a number of different looks with at least three costume/outfit changes.  You will be using studio mains, and off camera flash lighting techniques in the studio itself as well as using the buildings features to capture your portrait photos for your portfolio.  If the weather is suitable we may also go outdoors to make some funky, grungy and dynamic images.

One Face – Five Ways – Headshot Portraiture – Llandudno Photographic Academy Evening

Tonight at the Llandudno Photographic Academy Evening it’s all about Headshot Portraiture – shooting in the studio as well as out on location.  You will be creating five completely different looks from your model(s) using a wide variety of photographic and lighting techniques.  From creating silhouettes to using gels.  From shooting in black and white to creating bokeh in your portraits to using a single light – the only limiting factor will be your creativity.  We will be using props such as car windows, guitars, mirrors, hats and scarves and you will even learn how to use the surroundings around as your background to your advantage.  Studio mains flash, off camera flash and natural light will, again, help you to create differing looks to your photographs.  Using shadows, natural and created in the studio will also help you to be creative and think outside the box while you make some really effective images.

Black and White Photo of Female Model lying on sofa with photographic studio lighting lighting her at a Welshot Photographic Academy Portfolio Building Session Day

Member Showcase – Robert Jones and Building a Portfolio Each month we showcase a Welshot Photographic Academy Member and for October 2023 it’s the turn of Robert Jones. Robert, by his own admission, prefers portrait photography to any other photographic genre. Robert also sees the value in building a portfolio, continued professional development, and believes … Read more

With a nod to the great fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh, this Welshot fashion photography workshop in the historic Georgian Quarter of Liverpool will have you shooting cinematic and naturalistic portraits of our Model(s).  If you want to be really authentic, we will help you to look, see and shoot in black and white!  This photographic workshop will help you to develop, build on and hone your own original style of photography, something every photographer strives for.  We will be using natural and ambient lighting as well as off camera flash and you will learn how to balance the light, the models and your surroundings to tell a story.  Your models will be wearing a wide variety of fashion outfits, from power suits to flowing summer dresses with props and accessories to match.

Street Fashion En Point - Off Camera Flash Photography On Location - Liverpool - Photo of two female and one male dance leaning on some scaffolding

This Welshot Street Fashion En Pointe – Off Camera Flash Photography on location event will have your models, who are experienced, professional dancers, dancing in the street…. En Pointe! Using natural light, and off camera flash you will learn how to photograph your models in camera. You will learn how to capture movement, how to pose and work with your dancers in an urban setting to ensure you get the very best image to take home. Your dancers will be both male and female and will have more than a couple of outfit changes – think funky street wear and flowing clothing for that perfect swishy movement shot.

Winter Fashion in Liverpool - Off Camera Flash Photography - Black and White Photo of a Girl wearing a hat and Winter clothing siting on steps

Winter Fashion in Liverpool – Off Camera Flash Photography. This is a day of photography that will have you and your camera running red hot. Our stunning Models will be dressed in ‘On Trend’ clothing and will be ready to pose for you in the historic backdrop of the Albert Dock, and other nearby surrounding locations. Shooting on location is fun and this event is guaranteed to get the photographic juices flowing. Your masterclass will be about learning how to shoot using gels and off camera flash.

Shooting with Gels - Off Camera Flash - Photo of a model posing using these photographic techniques at the Welshot Photographic Academy

.At this Welshot Photographic Academy Evening in Chester it’s all about Shooting with Gels – Off Camera Flash Photography. You will be shooting on location, in an urban environment, around the historic city of Chester while capturing your stunning, experienced, Welshot models in camera while using lighting gels and modifiers. You will learn how to balance ambient, low-light conditions and flash photography while using gels. Not only will you leave this Welshot photographic workshop with a camera roll full of wonderful portrait photography but you will leave having learnt a new photographic skill and technique, or three

Car Photography on Location - Photo of Car on the Llandudno Prom in North Wales with a Model - Lit by a single light - Taken on a Welshot Photographic Academy Car photography workshop

This, Car Photography on Location – Mini-Module with Masterclass from the Welshot Photographic Academy, event covers everything you need to know about how to make, create and capture stunning car photographs. Team Welshot will take you through everything you need to know, from lens choice to camera settings and functions to use to get the best from your camera. From learning how to minimise reflections in the metallic surfaces to useful lighting techniques such as gradient lighting and light painting. Throughout this in-depth Welshot Photographic Mini-Module you will be taken through the shooting procedures step-by-step while you practice for yourself and get yourself a great set of dynamic images for your portfolio.