Delegate Showcase – Wendy Monaghan and Building a Portfolio. Each month we showcase a delegate who has attended our Welshot events and for February 2024 it’s the turn of Wendy Monaghan. Wendy has been taking photos her whole life, much to the dismay of her family and friends. Wendy mainly used point and shoot cameras and took her rolls of film into the local Max Spielman, or sent the roll off to be developed (remember the Kodak envelopes you could pick up to send your film off, should you get a second set of prints or not…) where you also had negatives delivered with your images.  Wendy remembers picking the pictures she wanted duplicates of, going through the negatives and either sending them off again or taking them to the local shop.

Black and White Photo of Female Model lying on sofa with photographic studio lighting lighting her at a Welshot Photographic Academy Portfolio Building Session Day

Member Showcase – Robert Jones and Building a Portfolio Each month we showcase a Welshot Photographic Academy Member and for October 2023 it’s the turn of Robert Jones. Robert, by his own admission, prefers portrait photography to any other photographic genre. Robert also sees the value in building a portfolio, continued professional development, and believes … Read more