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  • Various Locations: North Wales / North West England
    Saturdays and/or Sundays – Mornings, Afternoons or Evenings

Welshot Mini-Module events (with Masterclasses) are a mixture of Academy Evenings and Full Day Events – Four to five hours in length and usually outside.

Mini-Modules are designed so delegates can meet-up with other photographers in a safe environment in many different locations to learn how to get the best from their camera but also have the flexibility to be creative.

A variety of photographic genres are covered, each event will have a photo-walkabout, where you are free to roam but still get the benefit Welshot guidance, support and tuition if needed, as well as being in an inspiring, fun, creative, safe, and secure group environment.

Each event will have a dedicated Mini-Masterclass which covers a specific genre or techniques and usually lasts about one to two hours.

Mini-Module events range in price – from £32.00 to £40.00 for Welshot Members. Members can use their Academy Evening benefit to book a place if they have a valid voucher available.

Non-Members are welcome to attend these events, you just pay a little more.

It does not matter what camera you use* or what skill level you are, there will always be someone on hand to help you get the best from YOUR camera. However, if you are unsure please do not hesitate to contact us on lee@welshotimaging.co.uk or phone 01248719126 and we will do all we can to help you.

Please Note: Food, refreshments, travel, insurance, and entrance fees (if applicable) are the responsibility of the delegate.
*Please be aware some cameras – depending on specifications and functionality may not be able to work in all situations but here at Welshot we are committed to helping you to get the very best from your camera in every situation.

Welshot Mini-Modules Help You To:

  • Get to know how your camera works in OUTDOOR settings, shooting various genres of photography – giving you transferable skills to use anywhere.
  • Practice different genres, techniques, and equipment – giving you a chance to see if it is for you before committing to expensive kit.
  • Increase your skill set, portfolio of images and stock images.
  • Network. Team Welshot and Members are a valuable source of information, know-how, experience, and contacts.
  • See out how we can help YOU with YOUR photography.
  • Let us get to know YOU better – when we know what it is YOU want and the help, support, and guidance you need, we can help you better.

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