Tonight at the Welshot portfolio building session we are excited to have Emma Starmore-Smith joining us at the Creative Hub in Llandudno.  During this session, Emma, who loves a bit of “Big Dress Glam” when it comes to fashion, will be sporting a number of different looks with at least three costume/outfit changes.  You will be using studio mains, and off camera flash lighting techniques in the studio itself as well as using the buildings features to capture your portrait photos for your portfolio.  If the weather is suitable we may also go outdoors to make some funky, grungy and dynamic images.

Fashion Photography – 1960’s Themed Photo-Shoot – Mains Studio & Off Camera Flash

1960’s Fashion – is there anything more iconic? At this fashion (1960’s) photography event based at the Chester Crowne Plaza we will be using mains studio flash as well as off camera flash lighting to help you make images that you can be proud of.  Your models will be wearing the flamboyant clothing that this era was known for – from bright, bold prints and make-up to high heeled boots and beehive hairstyles! Shooting in a studio environment as well as using the hotel as your backdrop you will be working in small groups with one to one shooting time with your models.  Backdrops, props and a wide range of clothing will all be supplied by Welshot.  All you have to do is charge your batteries, grab your camera and come make some great photos.

Lighting Techniques for Studio Portraiture – Chester Photographic Academy Evening

This Lighting Techniques for Studio Portraiture – Chester Photographic Academy Evening event is for all photography enthusiasts who are wanting to learn about photographic lighting.  During the evenings workshop you will be using mains studio lights and off camera flash. Learning about lighting, and how it works, is the single most important skill to have when when it comes to your portrait photography. Working with our Welshot Models you will try you hand at Rembrandt, butterfly, side and split lighting.  You will be using grids, modifiers and getting creative, learning to see (and shoot) in black and white and working with coloured gels. This studio mains and off camera flash photography workshop will be taking place at The Chester Crowne Plaza.

Join us at our first Themed Photo-Shoot of 2023 for what promises to be an exceptional day of photography.  This Welshot inspired nod, in essence, is a homage to vintage, Victorian fashion with a modern, sassy twist – Think Victorian Industrial meets Mad Max Futuristic. At this Welshot event, with at least four Models (Male and Female) we will be using bustles, corsets, gowns, and petticoats; suits with waistcoats, coats, top hats, tailcoats and spats; and military-inspired garments.  Most of the costumes will be bespoke to Welshot, having been made, or adapted, by our Team Creative.As well as our bespoke costumes, we will have at least four different, specifically printed backdrops, that are unique to Welshot – all with an array of props for you to use throughout the day, ensuring you will leave this event with images to be proud of.

Portrait Photography - Friday Night is Studio Night - Welshot Creative Hub

Portrait Photography – Friday Night is Studio Night at the Welshot Creative Hub. This Welshot Photographic Academy Evening, based at the Welshot Creative Hub in Llandudno North Wales will be the perfect opportunity for you to get creative, work with models, build yourself a photographic portfolio, learn about studio (Mains Flash and Off Camera Flash) lighting and help you to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques, skills and equipment. Limited to eight photographers, with at least two different studio set-ups during the course of this Evening photography workshop you will get One to One and Group tuition and training to help, support and guide you through what can often be thought of as a confusing and complex genre of photography.  This, dedicated to learning all things studio lighting for photography course, will have you taking and making portrait images that you will be proud to show off.  

Welshot Does… Downton Abbey at Christmas. Mains studio flash photography, stunning models, authentic costumes from the Cambria Costume House and some pretty cool backdrops (both studio and on location) and you’ve got yourself a great night of portraiture photography at the last Welshot Photographic Academy Evening on Anglesey for 2021. Tonight you will learn how precision, where to place the light, and how it falls on your subject can dramatically effect the look of your image.