Portrait Photography in Silhouette – LLandudno Photographic Academy Evening

Unlock the artistry of silhouette portraiture at the Welshot Llandudno Photographic Academy Evening, “Capturing Silhouette Portraits.” This hands-on photographic experience is designed for photographers of all levels eager to master the unique and captivating art of silhouette photography. With the help, support and guidance of our Welshot Team Leaders, you’ll delve into the nuances of creating striking silhouette images, from perfecting camera settings and lighting techniques to composing evocative scenes that tell powerful stories. With practical sessions and personalised feedback, you’ll gain the confidence and skills to transform everyday scenes into dramatic and unforgettable silhouettes. Join us and elevate your photography to new heights, capturing the magic of shadows and light like never before.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a thorough understanding of the techniques and creative processes involved in silhouette portrait photography, along with a portfolio of work to showcase your newfound skills. Join us and elevate your photography by capturing the magic of shadows and light in unforgettable ways.

Tonight it is all about being out on location, shooting with off camera flash and using walls, textures and other architectural features such as stairways as your backdrops.  Our model will be sporting a number of different looks with at least two costume/outfit changes.  You will be learning how to use off camera flash lighting techniques outside on location to capture your portrait photos for your portfolio.  From headshots to full body portraiture images.  We will probably get the gels out too!

From learning how to pose your model to the best lighting (types of) and modifiers to use to make the images you want to create. From using props, backgrounds, and gels to understanding the correct settings, camera functions, lenses, and focal lengths to use for portraiture and studio photography.

Car Photography on Location - Photo of Car on the Llandudno Prom in North Wales with a Model - Lit by a single light - Taken on a Welshot Photographic Academy Car photography workshop

This, Car Photography on Location – Mini-Module with Masterclass from the Welshot Photographic Academy, event covers everything you need to know about how to make, create and capture stunning car photographs. Team Welshot will take you through everything you need to know, from lens choice to camera settings and functions to use to get the best from your camera. From learning how to minimise reflections in the metallic surfaces to useful lighting techniques such as gradient lighting and light painting. Throughout this in-depth Welshot Photographic Mini-Module you will be taken through the shooting procedures step-by-step while you practice for yourself and get yourself a great set of dynamic images for your portfolio.