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Knowing your model is an important part of your photo-shoot!

Making great images that have that WOW factor can really only be achieved if you have a great rapport with your Model, and an understanding of how he, or she works best. This genre of photography is a collaborative process, and building a relationship with your Model fosters a positive working environment. Collaboration can lead to better ideas, improved creativity, and a more enjoyable experience for both the photographer and the model.

By establishing trust you will build the rapport needed to create a sense of trust and comfort. This is crucial for capturing natural and authentic expressions, as a relaxed and comfortable model is more likely to open up in front of the camera.

At Welshot, we do the hard work for you – We get to know our Models first, before we introduce them to you, the photographer. We make sure the Models we bring to Welshot are going to be the right fit – for them, for us, for you!

This is a new blog series where we introduce you to the Models we will be bringing to our new range of photographic events for those photographers who are wanting to take photos for camera club competitions, serious about their own personal continued professional development and building a photographic portfolio.

Introducing Elle Baldwinson

Elle Baldwinson by Robert Jones

Elle Baldwinson is a full time model with over six years worth of experience. Elle is very passionate about modelling and hopes to bring this attitude and love she has for modelling to every photo shoot in the intentions of producing the best images possible. Through her time modelling Elle has been able to experience so many new things and meet wonderful people. This encourage her to model whenever she can. 

We asked Elle:

How did you get started in your modelling career?

I began modelling nearly 7 years ago, straight after I finished school. I would sit and constantly watch all the “Next Model” television series from around the World with my mum and I said to her I wanted to give modelling a go!

Around the same I had just had professional photos taken for my prom and I had really enjoyed the experience.

So, with my Mum’s help, we contacted local photographers to help me create a portfolio.

Do you consider yourself a Model first or something else?

I have been modelling full time for 3 years now and it has been the best decision I ever made. I love the feeling of waking up and getting to do something I love each day.

I am so grateful I get to go to new, incredible locations and to meet such talented lovely people all the time!

What do you think your greatest achievement has been so far?

One of my greatest achievements to me is simply making this decision to do this as a job.

At times it felt like I was the only person who 100% believed I could model professionally and successfully, I’m just so glad I didn’t give up on my dream. 

If you could say just one thing to a photographer, what would you say?

I would like to say to a photographer to put in the time with shooting, book professional models or work with new models, try out different workshops or lighting. Experiment with styling, just don’t stop!

You can only progress if you’re not afraid to try and push yourself out of comfort zone. 

On location (outside) or studio?

I love a quirky, creative location or a Manor House rather than a simple studio-that being said I always prefer to be warm and in the winter that can be hard to achieve in bigger locations.

It can be difficult to model if you are cold, you almost can’t move in the same way.

Favourite snack?

Currently my favourite snack is chocolate covered almonds! So good!

What would your dream shoot look like?

My dream shoot would be something that replicates the Guess campaigns.

Big voluminous hair, photographed in Italy on a sun lounger!

If you could give one bit of advice to a dancer/model just starting out what would it be?

To new models I would say, please stick it out, it took me years to build up to the point I am now and I will continue to stick at it and learn so much more!

Rejection and quiet times can really put you off this work but please be persistent and be your own biggest supporter!

Push yourself, network for yourself, you’ve got your own back.

From a safety perspective, I would say if you were working with a new photographer, please consider taking someone with you and always contact other models beforehand who have worked with that person, to get their real, honest opinion.

Sweet or savoury?


I love chocolate so much, it’s an addiction!

Six people you’d love to have around the dinner table (past, present or future) and if possible, why?

Can I just have Ariana Grande at my table?

Anyone who knows me slightly knows how much I love that woman for so many reasons! 

Annie Leibovitz or Mario Testino?

Annie Leibovitz as fake versions of her love to pester me with emails! 

Back of the camera images, Yes or No?  (Do you like to be shown them?)

I like to see the back of the camera but I’m not too fussed if I don’t.

I like to trust my photographer and their vision.

I understand that sometimes a photographer will not be able to create their vision until they have edited, processed it in their way and therefore may not feel comfortable just showing a raw image, untouched.

However, if the model asks to see the camera, especially if the model is wearing something that could be revealing, the photographer must not be precious and show the model to put her mind at ease.

Video or Still’s?


Links for Elle Baldwinson:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ellebaldwinson/

Purpleport: https://purpleport.com/portfolio/ellebee1329/

  1. Jacqueline Baldwinson avatar
    Jacqueline Baldwinson

    Thankyou so much for highlighting .Elle absolutely loves being a model & has given her heart & sole to her profession. As her mother & ofcourse no.1 fan ,I am super proud of all her achievements in the photography and film industry.

    1. Lee Iggulden avatar

      Hello Jacqueline

      Thank you for your comment and you are very welcome. We are really looking forward to welcoming Elle to the Welshot Creative Hub in Llandudno in August. We can tell Elle loves what she does, it shows in all the photos. Hope to meet you soon.

      Lee & Eifion

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