Food Styling & Photography - Chester Photographic Academy Evening

At the Food Styling & Photography – Chester Welshot Photographic Academy Evening you will learn learn hints, tips, techniques and the skills to take your food photography to the next level. By using a variety of lighting techniques, props and backgrounds you will learn how to style your food, and then, using in-camera composition, camera settings and functions you will make your images.  From still-life to flat-lay photography, from using creative photogenic angles to creating bokeh, from using depth of field to make crisp sharp images or blur your background – your main aim is to leave having learned a thing or three about food photography and have a selection of images worthy of any food magazine ready for your portfolio.  

Christmas Food & Product Photography

Christmas Food and Product Photography can be one of the most creative photographic genres, if not, the most cheerful. At this Welshot photographic workshop you will learn how to capture the delights of the Christmas season – from glittering Christmas trees decorated with all manner of baubles to beautifully wrapped chocolate boxes. Learn how to make images of icing sugar dusted mince pies to creating bokeh studded photos that will proudly grace your portfolio. If you are interested, this event is perfect for the photographer wanting to create and make stick images.

Food styling and photography, that’s what’s happening at the Welshot Photographic Academy Evening at The Bulkeley Hotel  in Beaumaris, Anglesey for May. During this food photography workshop you will be using continuous natural and ambient lighting while learning how to use props, how to style with your food and how to best light the image you wish to make. From Flat-lay to creative photogenic angles, from bokeh to crisp sharp images – your main aim is to leave having not only learned a thing or three about food photography but have a selection of images worthy of any food magazine.