At this “Build Your Portfolio” photography session day event, team Welshot is joined by full-time, professional and experienced model, Olga Solomakhina for a full day of capturing and making images.  Are you ready to push the boundaries of your creative prowess and elevate your portfolio to new heights? This Portfolio Building Day is more than just a photoshoot; it’s a playground for your imagination. With Olga as your professional model who will be wearing a large selection of high fashion and avant-garde costume/outfit concepts – you will be able to experiment with lighting, composition, while using a wide variety of backdrops.  This is a day which allows your creativity to flow freely and produce images that you can be proud of.

Welshot Progressive offers you the chance to move your photography on by providing you with professional models, a wealth of props to suit any genre, equipment you may not have access to at home and the freedom to explore creatively with your camera. Best of all, there is expert advice right there for you – but only when you need it: just like that safety net.