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Knowing your model is an important part of your photo-shoot!

Making great images that have that WOW factor can really only be achieved if you have a great rapport with your Model, and an understanding of how he, or she works best. This genre of photography is a collaborative process, and building a relationship with your Model fosters a positive working environment. Collaboration can lead to better ideas, improved creativity, and a more enjoyable experience for both the photographer and the model.

By establishing trust you will build the rapport needed to create a sense of trust and comfort. This is crucial for capturing natural and authentic expressions, as a relaxed and comfortable model is more likely to open up in front of the camera.

At Welshot, we do the hard work for you – We get to know our Models first, before we introduce them to you, the photographer. We make sure the Models we bring to Welshot are going to be the right fit – for them, for us, for you!

This is a new blog series where we introduce you to the Models we will be bringing to our new range of photographic events for those photographers who are wanting to take photos for camera club competitions, serious about their own personal continued professional development and building a photographic portfolio.

Introducing Ksenia Bakshinskaya / Xenia

Ksenia-Bakshinskaya / Xenia by Alexandr Platniuc


We asked Xenia:

How did you get started in your modelling career?

Since being a child, I always loved dressing up and posing for the camera. I think what allured me the most about the whole process is that I could easily transform into someone more confident and uncover my weird creativity. I felt empowered.

My passion for photography never stopped and even throughout my college years I would always find ways to be involved with the camera, even if it is not in front of the lens.

When I moved to the UK in 2011, I arranged my first professional photoshoot with a Russian female photographer based in London, she is called Lisa Lobanova. I knew I wanted to experience the ‘real deal’ and Lisa went extra mile and even hired a stylist to help us plan the looks. The shoot went so incredibly well, even to this day I absolutely adore the photos she took. I guess this was where it all officially started.

Your career so far – How long have you been modelling full-time, professionally?  Any other jobs within the industry?

Although I have now been modelling for over 12 years, for the majority of it I only worked part-time, fitting it around waitressing, my BA and MSc degrees, working as a retail manager and event assisting for CRUK.

Just after lockdown, I took a risk and have gone full-time, however I have previously considered stopping altogether because of personal problems. This industry is not as easy and glamourous as it may seem, and it could certainly take a toll on you.

I am so glad that I didn’t let that take over me.

What do you think your greatest achievement has been so far?

My career has indeed had its ups and downs, but I am proud to say that, with a little help of my husband, I now own my own photography studio which I named Zavod and I have started to venture behind the lens.

A combination of modelling, studio managing, and my photography business is now my full-time employment. The only downfall of this is that I have an extremely demanding boss (me), haha.

If you could say just one thing to a photographer, what would you say?

Please don’t stop experimenting. Photography is so exciting, and the opportunities are endless – you can learn and improve every day, does not matter how good you already are.

On location (outside) or studio?

Both. Completely different results!

Favourite snack?

Wasabi peas, bangin’!

What would your dream shoot look like?

Probably sounds silly, but I would love to be involved in high-end perfume shoot one day. Even if it means staying behind the scenes and making cups of tea to start with, I don’t care what it takes but just to be on set.

If you could give one bit of advice to a dancer/model just starting out what would it be?

I could probably write a whole book on model advice if I was any good with my words… but most importantly, always prioritise your well-being.

In modelling industry, rejection is unfortunately almost inevitable so if you are looking to boost your confidence, you have to find it within yourself first.

And always remind yourself that you’re worth it!

Sweet or savoury?

Savoury. Your cake is safe with me, I am definitely not touching it.

Six people you’d love to have around the dinner table (past, present or future) and if possible, why?

Probably just my nan. There is so much I didn’t get a chance to tell her.

Annie Leibovitz or Mario Testino?

These questions are getting so hard!

Honestly couldn’t choose. Both ICONS 

Back of the camera images, Yes or No?  (Do you like to be shown them?)

Of course! I always show BOC to my models as well – it’s about collaboration between photographer & the model, this will help you produce best possible results in my opinion.

Video or Still’s?

Video serve a very important purpose in our digital age, helping document the events, visualise the motion and is one of the most powerful marketing tools. But for me, the magical feeling is in photography – something you can print and hang on your living room wall.

Links for Xenia:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xeniamodel_official/

Purple Port: https://purpleport.com/portfolio/xeniamodel/ and Zavod Studio: https://purpleport.com/portfolio/zavodstudiouk

Website / Email Address: https://www.xeniamodel.co.uk

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