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Knowing your model is an important part of your photo-shoot!

Making great images that have that WOW factor can really only be achieved if you have a great rapport with your Model, and an understanding of how he, or she works best. This genre of photography is a collaborative process, and building a relationship with your Model fosters a positive working environment. Collaboration can lead to better ideas, improved creativity, and a more enjoyable experience for both the photographer and the model.

By establishing trust you will build the rapport needed to create a sense of trust and comfort. This is crucial for capturing natural and authentic expressions, as a relaxed and comfortable model is more likely to open up in front of the camera.

At Welshot, we do the hard work for you – We get to know our Models first, before we introduce them to you, the photographer. We make sure the Models we bring to Welshot are going to be the right fit – for them, for us, for you!

This is a new blog series where we introduce you to the Models we will be bringing to our new range of photographic events for those photographers who are wanting to take photos for camera club competitions, serious about their own personal continued professional development and building a photographic portfolio.

Introducing Joanna (Rose) Turner

Joanna is a 26 year old established, professional freelance and agency signed model from Doncaster, South Yorkshire and she says she is forever grateful for landing in the modelling industry, and the creative people she has met and the support she has been shown along the way. Joanna says she is still at the very beginning of her modelling career and is excited to see where and how far she can go with it. Her favourite part about modelling is getting to meet and engage with new people, establish and build relationships.

We asked Joanna:

How did you get started in your modelling career?

It began on Purple Port – I never actually intended on becoming a model. I was always aware of the platform and I just wanted one or two photoshoots to have some nice photos of myself for me, and my partner. One photoshoot led to another, and it just grew and grew!

I won two photoshoot competitions on Facebook. Little did I know at the time I was only winning the photoshoot experience itself, not the photos. Which resulted in me putting my hand in my pocket for the photos and as you can imagine, the prices were extortionate. I gifted the photos to my fiance as a surprise. I of course had to tell him the story behind it, we had a giggle and laughed it off. He jokingly said, ‘you may as well send them off to agencies and try to make some money back’. And here I am now! I have to credit my partner for how far I have come in my modelling career as he’s shown so much support and encouragement towards it. Some photographers have found this very surprising! 

Do you consider yourself a Model first or something else?

Yes, at this moment I do consider myself a model first. Who has been fortunate enough to carry over LOTS of transferable skills from my professional career. I worked in recruitment for almost 7 years so I very much understand the frustration of no shows and late cancellations. I feel very blessed to be recognised in the modelling industry for my professionalism, punctuality and integrity. All which I have developed throughout my recruitment background. 

What do you think your greatest achievement has been so far?

I am very proud of many things I have achieved! Something switched inside me at an extremely young age, I’d say around 16 years old when I left school. Now this won’t sound great, but I wasn’t interested in further education. I headed straight for work so I could start earning. I had my first car on the road at 17 years old. Landed my first job in car sales, established myself in my career with a very stable job and decent salary (for my age), landed my first job promotion at 21, purchased my first home at 22! My greatest achievement of all I would say is my character and the way I present myself. All contributed with skills I have picked up, maintained and improved throughout my personal and professional development. Yes, I think highly of myself. Call it big-headed but, confidence talks and gets you places!

If you could say just one thing to a photographer, what would you say?

The shoot is just as much about you, as it is the model! The only way I can enjoy the shoot is if I know the photographer is enjoying the shoot too. And then I would ask him/her how good their coffee making skills are.

On location (outside) or studio?

Location in the summer, I just love the golden hour! Studio for the colder seasons.

Favourite snack?


What would your dream shoot look like?

Beaches and sunsets! Anyone who knows me, will know I’m a sucker for a beautiful sunset! Has to be during golden hour though, the glow just hits different!

If you could give one bit of advice to a dancer/model just starting out what would it be?

Try not to overwhelm yourself at this exciting but daunting time. Do not allow anyone to push your levels, only do what you’re comfortable with. Show your personality and ALWAYS remain professional. Professionalism will get you through more doors than your looks will. Welcome feedback and be prepared for rejection BUT do not allow it to define you and stop chasing your dream. Network as much as you can! It’s not about what you know, it’s WHO you know. And the most important, just have fun!

Sweet or savoury?

Sweet of course!

Six people you’d love to have around the dinner table (past, present or future) and why?

My parents and my sisters. I suppose I have to state the reason being is because they’re family. But really, it’s just because they’re all better cooks than me. 

Annie Leibovitz or Mario Testino?

Both have produced outstanding work but it has to be Mario Testino.

Back of the camera images, Yes or No?  (Do you like to be shown them?)

Yes, yes and yes! This is feedback for the model. Many times I perform a pose or an expression which I think looks good in my head, until I see the back of the camera…

Video or Still’s?


Links for Joanna Rose:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joannajrx/

Purple Port: https://purpleport.com/portfolio/joannarose/

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