February Round-Up @ Welshot


Lee Iggulden



At Welshot

At our Welshot photographic workshops, there’s an undeniable sense of joy and pride in showcasing the incredible work of our talented delegates. Witnessing the unique perspectives and creative expressions captured through the lenses of our participants is a source of immense satisfaction.

Each photograph tells a story, reflecting not only the technical skills honed during the workshop but also the individuality and passion of the photographer behind the camera. From breath-taking landscapes to intimate portraits, we revel in presenting a diverse array of images that highlight the growth and artistic journeys of our workshop attendees.

Celebrating their achievements is not just about displaying photographs; it’s a testament to the collaborative spirit of our community and the transformative power of fostering a shared love for the art of photography.

Here’s the February @ Welshot Round-Up of images taken…

Floral (Macro & Close-Up) Photography

WelshotRewards Day – Piers & Promenades

Off Camera Flash – Winter Fashion Portrait Photography

A Weekend of Portfolio Building with Natalie Ciufo Green

1960’s Fashion Photography – Themed Photo-Shoot

Low-Light, Long Exposure & Light Painting

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