Denim & Diamonds 2024 – A Welshot Themed Photo-Shoot!


Lee Iggulden



At Welshot

You could say it takes a village to put a “Welshot Themed Photo-Shoot” together – and you’d be right!

The moment Lee saw the building she knew!

She knew it was just the building she’d been looking for, and excitedly showed the team – as photographers, they were just as excited as she was!

Next came Paula (this event would definitely be requiring bespoke to Welshot costumes) from the Cambria Costume House and judging by the amount of messages that kept pinging backwards and forwards – Paula was clearly inspired by the building too.

So, Lee booked the mill!

Set One: Rachel Gittins by Martin Austin

Welshot Denim & Diamonds 2024

Did you know that Manchester and the towns surrounding the city were known as ‘Cottonopolis?’ The city was the epicentre of the country’s cotton industry when Britain was responsible for eighty percent of global cotton yarn and fabric production. Well, Paula did and it was she who came up with the “Denim & Diamonds” theme that would enable Welshot to create an event for photographers that used the historical features to it’s fullest.

Rakewood Higher Mill – Lancashire

Denim & Diamonds 2024 – Our Welshot Models

At Welshot, our Models are very much treated as part of our team. We can have the most atmospheric, historic, photogenic building in the UK and we can have the most amazing, creative and stunning costumes but without our hardworking, dedicated and professional models there would be no Welshot themed photo-shoots!

Rachel Gittins

Hamish Scott

Elle Baldwinson

Pulling the “Look” Together!

With the location contract signed, recce to check for photo opportunities undertaken and models booked – there was the not so insignificant task of the making of the costumes. That’s where Paula from the Cambria Costume House came in – not only was it she who had the creative concept / theme idea – but it was down to Paula to get the costumes made. Not so easy when recycled jeans were being used. Each pair of jeans had to be unstitched and then re-sewn to make a bolt of material, then cut again and re-sewn (for a second time) to make the actual garment. We are proud to say, that EVERY item of clothing was either recycled, pre-loved or was dead stock – right down to the accessories that adorned the costumes. Making this a sustainable fashion shoot for sure.

We were so lucky to have been joined by Jessie Ray MUA – getting up at the crack of dawn to travel to Lancashire to create the most stunning make-up looks for Elle and Rachel. Thank you Jess for all your creative input on our first Denim & Diamonds themed photo-shoot.

This was most definitely a team effort, from Rob who collected Jen (Welshot’s Creative Genius and Lee’s right-hand woman) and Hamish and got them to the mill on time, to Peter, the mill owner who was constantly making sure we had everything we could possibly need. From Lew who did the behind the scenes video footage (with the help from Jen) to Paula’s husband Mike, who is now an expert in making denim feathers!

Lastly, and by no means least – the photographers and delegates themselves – even with a location, models, and costumes – this would not be a Welshot event without them coming along to make not only some great memories but also some great images too.

The Return – Denim & Diamonds 2025

YES! 2025 will see the return of “Denim & Diamonds” – same location, different models, different theme and different costumes – all which will be made by Paula and unique to Welshot.

Would you like to spend a day in an old historic mill, making amazing images with your camera, while having some fun with like-minded people who love photography just as much as you do?

Email Lee on lee@welshotimaging.co.uk for more information.

  1. Victoria Smith avatar
    Victoria Smith

    This was a truly brilliant event, fantastic location and the costumes and models bought it alive!

    1. Lee Iggulden avatar

      Hello Victoria

      Thank You for your kind words and we are so glad you enjoyed the event. We are already looking forward to Denim & Diamonds 2024

      Lee, Eifion & Team Welshot

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