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Katey Spink



A Model’s Perspective

“How did you end up at Welshot” I hear you ask?

That’s a very good question…

Boss lady Lee reached out to me way back in mid April 2023; I remember our first message exchange – there was one sentence that stood out to me (and made me laugh a little)

“I promise I am not spamming you” and it was here that my story with Welshot began.

A brief look into my modelling career so far – I started very young with different agencies, and 4 years ago I took a leap to become a freelancer full time.

I never looked back.

There was so much opportunity to travel, freedom to make my own decisions and organise my schedule the way I wanted. I have been lucky enough to work for some amazing people, my work has been published in numerous commercial campaigns; you can even see my face on Amazon now! A dream come true, truly.  

Modelling is a passion for me, I put my entire heart and soul into my job. Welshot has the same passion for their work which is why I love working with them.

My first job with Welshot – a morning in Chester on location shooting fashion.

“What styling do I bring?” I asked Lee. “We’ve got it covered!” She told me.

I was blown away by their team (especially fashion guru Jen) who puts together the most amazing, colourful, carefully selected fashion outfits for Welshot events.

My first job with Welshot – Chester

I thought ok, this team of people have it all – Boss lady Lee with her super human organisation skills, Fashion Guru Jen and then last but by no means least – Lighting commander (or wizard) Eifion.

Then I met them, and it got even better.

Models reading this post will know all about (or have probably experienced) turning blue in a summer dress outside in November, whilst the photographer tells you to smile (side note – they are usually wrapped up in a North Face winter coat themselves…) or your stomach growling because the photographer needs every second worth of their money from you and didn’t factor in the fact you might need to eat..

I could go on – but I won’t.

Welshot couldn’t be further from this. They treat you as a person; a real living, breathing, feeling person.

Not a robot, or a commodity.

A delegate showing me the back of their camera always helps us both to make great images. This was in Buxton.

I lost count of the amount of times the team have checked that I’m warm enough, that I have had enough coffee, or water and Lee’s favourite “have you eaten enough?!”

The events are honestly a dream. Every person I have encountered within Welshot have made me feel so welcome, so cared for, and so appreciated.

It is so wonderful to work for a company that makes you feel good about the work you are doing. Not only do they create beautiful pictures, but you genuinely enjoy the day.

Now, it may sound like all we do is laugh and drink coffee. That is an important part of the day of course, but hard work and dedication is required to model at a Welshot event.

They are a company that will reward hard work.

If you are a model and would like to be considered to work as part of the Welshot Team – We have a casting day (please note, this link will take you to PurplePort) planned for January 2024 – just ping me a message.

Building Your Photographic Portfolio with Welshot

I have since worked with Welshot on numerous other occasions, the first, as mentioned, was in Chester with what they now call their “Getting To Know You” photo-shoots specifically to introduce new models to the team, then it was Llandudno where they hold regular Portrait Photography – Portfolio Building Sessions at the Welshot Creative Hub, after that I modelled again when Welshot went on tour to Buxton for a Weekend, and finally, my most recent photo-shoot was in Liverpool and Chester again for another Weekend event.

BossTog helping a Delegate, Team Leader John grabbing a BTS shot on my phone for me.

We have so much more planned for the photographer wanting to build a portfolio.

I am very excited for our “Denim & Diamonds” event which is going to be in an old cotton mill near Rochdale, Manchester – Sustainable costumes are being made specifically for this event and as Welshot is an ethical company, Team Creative are making a range of edgy, cool and funky outfits from recycled jeans and other materials.

This is just the beginning of my journey with Welshot.

I am so grateful for the opportunities presented to me, and I am so PROUD to work for such an honest, caring and all round brilliant photographic events and training organisation.

Can’t wait to meet you so we can make some great images together.

Katey x

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