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Low-Light & Long Exposure Seascape Photography in Beaumaris – Roving Academy Evening

Gallows Point / Penrhyn Safnas Porth Lafan,, Beaumaris, Anglesey, United Kingdom

Were taking advantage of the 'still early' darker evenings and getting out and about with our cameras to capture the Anglesey coastline in extreme low-light conditions.  At this Welshot Roving Academy Evening, based in Beaumaris, we will be shooting long exposures - from Gallows Point to the Pier itself.  Shooting in low light can be challenging - Tonight you will be learning how to each element of the exposure triangle (ISO / Shutter / Aperture) to create your image.  Understanding the exposure triangle is an important part of knowing how to use your camera, especially when shooting in low light.  Learning how to use your shutter speeds and exposure times with the ambient (natural light) will help to create a variety of looks in your photographs. At this low-light and long exposure seascape photography workshop you will be capturing and creating unique and inspiring images to be proud of.