Fashion Photography with Off Camera Flash – Chester. At this Welshot photographic workshop you will working outside on-location in Chester, where, you will be unlocking the secrets of capturing fashion photography in your camera using various off-camera flash techniques. Elevate your portfolio and skills as you learn to masterfully manipulate light to accentuate style, form, and emotion in your fashion compositions. Led by our Welshot team leaders, this immersive experience promises to demystify the complexities of off-camera flash, while empowering you to create striking imagery for your portfolio. On-location, in Chester, using the historic Rows and a wide variety of backdrops you will delve into the dynamic interplay of light and shadow, and discover how to sculpt scenes that tell compelling fashion narratives within your photos. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, book on now and join us and we will help you illuminate your path to photographic excellence!