A to Z – Creative Photography in Chester – Chester Photographic Academy Evening. Let’s get creative in Chester!  Forget about the London A to Z, this Welshot Photographic Academy evening, based in Chester is all about looking for those often missed photo opportunities.  A to Z style!  From learning how to follow a commercial travel photography brief (think tourist brochure) to capturing images from our creative challenge this photography adventure will have you seeing. making and creating images using lead in lines, juxtapositions, reflections, a birds eye view and not to mention a snails point of view too.  Our base will be the Chester Crowne Plaza, which is where we will return to at the halfway point for our supper (chips included) and a chance to ask any questions, get some help and a review of the images before heading out again for the second part of the session.  You can also expect low-light and long exposures too as sunset will be 18:07.  So, grab your camera, bring your favourite lens and come join the Welshot gang for a fun, creative and productive Academy Evening in Chester.

Creative Photography -Anglesey Photographic Academy Evening - A Montage of small images of scenes around Chester

The Chester Photographic Academy Evening for July is all about Creative Photography. Tonight you will learn how to look for images others might miss – You will be shown how to use your camera settings and functions, creating a specific effect in your photograph. From long-exposures, to bokeh, from over-exposed images and how they can work in your favour, to seeing shapes, form and textures. From getting down low to looking up high. Wide angle, fish eye and zoom movement captures – this photography workshop will have it all for the photographer who wants to have some fun getting creative with their camera. We will even have a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ for those who wish to be challenged.