At this “Build Your Portfolio” photography session day event, team Welshot is joined by full-time, professional and experienced model, Joanna (Rose) Turner for a full day of capturing and making images.  Are you ready to push the boundaries of your creative prowess and elevate your portfolio to new heights? This Portfolio Building Day is more than just a photoshoot; it’s a playground for your imagination. With Joanna as your professional model, you will experiment with lighting, composition, and avant-garde concepts and backdrops, allowing your creativity to flow freely and produce images that you can be proud of.

Seize this rare opportunity to work with a model whose schedule is typically booked solid. With only FIVE delegate places available, our Portfolio Building Day guarantees an intimate, focused experience, allowing you to receive personalised guidance and attention to ensure you capture your ideas and concepts.

Our April Welshot Friday night studio session is not just about capturing images; it’s about unlocking your full creative potential and at this event we are joined by Joanna (Rose) Turner who will be your model for this photography session.  You will be making images from high-fashion elegance to raw, emotive shots using a wide variety of lighting techniques and backdrops.  Immerse yourself in an environment where your ideas can flourish, and your artistic expression knows no bounds. From conceptualisation to execution, every moment is an opportunity to create photographic masterpieces.  Joanna brings not just beauty but a wealth of experience to help you get your shot, ensuring that each frame encapsulates the essence of your vision.  So, grab your camera and come join the Welshot team and Joanna  in the Creative Hub in Llandudno for a great night of photography.