How to Work With A Model – Everything You Need to Know – From the planning, to the shooting, to making perfect photos.

Whether you are a photographer wanting to undertake a photo-shoot with a professional model or a photographer wanting to capture a family portrait, the challenges in photographing your model(s) can vary based on the specific circumstances of the shoot and the dynamics between you and your model(s). Overcoming these challenges requires a combination of technical proficiency, interpersonal skills, and creative vision.

We have so much more planned for the photographer wanting to build a portfolio. I am very excited for our “Denim & Diamonds” event which is going to be in an old cotton mill near Rochdale, Manchester – Sustainable costumes are being made specifically for this event and as Welshot is an ethical company, Team Creative are making a range of edgy, cool and funky outfits from recycled jeans and other materials.

What does “Building a Portfolio” and “Continued Professional Development” mean to you? To us, at Welshot, “Building a Portfolio” means creating a body of work, whether printed, or in digital format, of the photographs you make, no matter the genre of photography.