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Reward Days

From the beginning we wanted to ‘Give Back’ to our Welshot Community for helping us to grow – but, we didn’t want to just reward those who spent the most money.  It had to be about those who helped us in more ways than money could ever do.

So, we came up with our WelshotRewards system.  Think Tesco Clubcard but instead of earning points (WelshotRewards) based on the amount you spent, you get points for ‘Doing Stuff’

This, we believe, makes it fair for Everyone – all Members have the same opportunity and are on a level playing field and earning points does not come down to how much money you spend.

WelshotReward Days are Member only events – and they won’t cost you a penny to book your place! Just WelshotRewards.

You get 5,000 WelshotRewards when you join and you can earn more by writing a blog, supplying us with images from a Welshot event, introducing a friend with many more ways to earn.

Then, all you have to do, is decide how you are going to spend them! WelshotReward Days will consist of a variety of genres in a wide range of locations and we have numerous events throughout the year.

Refreshments, lunch snacks etc are the responsibility of the delegate

You can keep track of your rewards points via your account on the Welshot website. Points can be saved up and spent on special, money-can’t-buy events.

The cost of the event will be shown in £’s and will be converted to WelshotRewards at checkout and deducted automatically from your account. General rule of thumb is a £180 event will cost your 10,000 WelshotRewards.

Our WelshotReward Days are great for the beginner, enthusiast or more advanced photographer who wants to build a portfolio of images, try something new, or mix with like-minded people in a relaxing, fun, and non-competitive environment. You’ll get a taste of what we do here at the Welshot Photographic Academy 

Pick a WelshotRewards Day below and register to save your place now. Then just bring your camera, lens(es) and a tripod if required. We supply the rest!

Book your next Reward Day below!

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