Welshot Academy Membership Special

Special Offer: 3-Month Free Trial!

Sign up now to get a three month free trial of our Wlshot Standard or Welshot Plus membership package! Cancel any time with no fees in the first three months before your annual billing payment is due.

The very best way for you to get the most from Welshot, is to become a Member, a Welshotter: part of a friendly, non-competitive and supportive community. Take a look at the benefits you get when signing up for a Welshot Photographic Academy Membership.

Welshot Membership

The Welshot Membership Package is great value for those at the very beginning of their journey in Photography. It includes a One-to-One Tuition session “Learn YOUR Camera” which helps you to understand and use the basic functions of your camera.

Welshot PLUS Membership

The Welshot PLUS Membership Package is the BEST VALUE for the Photographer, (in our opinion) – from a One-to-One “Learn Basic Studio Lighting” Tuition session to a Full One Day Workshop/Event – this is the package that will help you make the most of what Welshot has to offer.

From: £140.00 for 1 year with a 3-month free trial