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Welshot Full Day events are PERFECT for the beginner, enthusiast, or more advanced photographer who would like an opportunity to update their image portfolio.

Welshot Full Day Events Cover:

  • Welshot Does… Themed Photo-Shoots with Models
  • Walking with Your Camera – A Guided Walk with Helen Iles
  • Post Processing & Editing Workshops
  • Landscape / Seascape / Cityscape Workshops and

Our Welshot Full Day events give you more time for you to focus on your own personal photography, and you offer more one-to-one time, with a team leader and a model if you are attending a model shoot.

Full Day events cover an extensive range of technical skills as well as giving you the chance (and time) to experiment and be more creative.

With the help of the Welshot Team you will be given all the support, guidance, and tuition that you need to help you get the best from your camera – regardless of your skill level.

Full Day events range in price – from £100.00 to £144.00 for Welshot Members. Members can use their Academy Full Day or £50OFF benefit to book a place if they have a valid voucher available.

Welshot Full Day Events Help You To:

  • Get to know how your camera works in a variety of settings and conditions, giving you transferable skills to use anywhere.
  • Practice different genres, techniques, and equipment – giving you a chance to see if it is for you before committing to expensive kit.
  • Increase your skill set, portfolio of images and stock images.
  • Network. Team Welshot and Members are a valuable source of information, know-how, experience, and contacts.
  • See out how we can help YOU with YOUR photography.
  • Let us get to know YOU better – when we know what it is YOU want and the help, support, and guidance you need, we can help you better.

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